Wedding Photography Client USB Memory Sticks

This year I decided to ditch supplying discs of images to clients due to the time it takes to prepare the files, burn the disc, print on to the disc and then supply them in a suitable and presentable box/ container. I finally took the plunge, transferred my logo, relevant design and had some specific branded USB memory sticks made.

As you can see from the photos of them below, they are now supplied in a lovely printed and sturdy box. This is kept closed by a small magnet on the front of the box and opens up to reveal the branded USB stick inside. I choose the bamboo swivel type of USB stick as they look neat and classy. The smooth swivel action keeps the USB head and working parts protected from general knocks and dust.

These were supplied by USB2U, great service, advice and fast delivery, highly recommend them.

Click on the images below to see a slightly larger version and please feel free to leave any comments below:

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