Even though I no longer shoot weddings as a profession, I will continue to photograph subjects of interest to me. I am very keen on different types of photography especially if it means I’m out and about in the fresh air rather than stuck behind a computer! I have always photographed landscapes and cityscapes and I have had the privilege to live in and visit some amazing countries over the years. A place visited fairly regularly to do some walking and photography is the The Lake District in Cumbria.

Another amazing place I have had the privilege of visiting was Iceland, back in 2013. A truly amazing country to visit, a cold experience, no northern lights, but amazing all the same and great for us photographers! A country I will return to again, but at another time of year.

When I have the time I will post various photos from some of my journeys on my blog or link to specific galleries in the drop down menus found here. Updated photos and galleries coming soon…