Due to further commitments I no longer provide professional wedding photography services. I’m still based in Guildford, Surrey but only do landscape, cityscape, macro and infra-red photography as a hobby/ semi-professional again.

Up until the end of 2014 I had photographed weddings all over the UK in a ‘documentary’ style since 2006. I studied photography back in 1992 in the film and dark room days, processing my own film, enlarging and printing my own prints. It was here that I also learnt various dark room techniques associated with enlargers and printing.

I discovered digital cameras when the very first consumer cameras appeared on the market and bought the Canon 300D which I still own to this day. A very good camera and it still gets used on odd occasions, although looking at having it converted to take infra-red only photographs in the near future. I have upgraded on numerous occasions and currently shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II, an absolutely superb full frame digital camera and numerous professional ‘L’ series lenses.

When I have the time, I also like to fell walk and take landscape photographs all around the UK and more popularly in the English Lake District. Other areas of photography interest include: travel, macro and infra-red which allow me to be outside in the fresh air!

I intend to get back to enjoying different types of photography and expanding my many techniques while doing wedding photography as a profession…



I was until the end of 2014 essentially a professional documentary wedding photographer which enabled me to capture a wedding day in an unobtrusive manner allowing the bride and groom you to enjoy their day with their family and friends. I generally took photos using natural light and only used flash if it was absolutely essential to get a required shot. Although I approached every wedding in a documentary fashion, I also understood that couples wanted to have group photos with family members too.

I do not regret for one moment hanging up my camera from doing weddings and I will always remember the time, effort and special memories of shooting weddings. I had the privilege of photographing just over two hundred weddings between 2006 and 2014…