I am essentially a documentary wedding photographer which enables me to capture your wedding day in an unobtrusive manner allowing you to enjoy your day with your family and friends. I generally take photos using natural light and only use flash if it absolutely essential to get a required shot. Although I approach every wedding in a documentary fashion, I also understand that couples would like to have some group photos with family members so this isn’t a problem.

Documentary wedding photography is also know as ‘reportage’ or ‘photojournalism’, but what exactly is it? A documentary wedding photographer is essentially a story teller, a story through images, in this case a story of your wedding day through images.



And here are a few black and white documentary wedding photographs to view in video format, enjoy!



doc-u-men-ta-ry |ˌdäkyəˈmentərē|
consisting of official pieces of written, printed, or other matter: his book is based on documentary sources.
• (of a movie, a television or radio program, or photography) using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual record or report: he has directed documentary shorts and feature films.
Noun ( pl. documentaries )
a movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report


re-port-age |rəˈpôrtij, ˌrepôrˈtäZH|
the reporting of news, for the press and the broadcast media: extensive reportage of elections.
• factual presentation in a book or other text, esp. when this adopts a journalistic style.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: French, from Old French reporter ‘carry back’


pho-to-jour-nal-ism |ˌfōtōˈjərnəˌlizəm|
the art or practice of communicating news by photographs, esp. in magazines.
pho-to-jour-nal-ist noun